ignorant isolated inhuman

It is difficult for me to understand comments on twitter or Facebook of some. Difficult to digest that some people react in an extremely nasty ugly and radical way on our tweets about 112 children women and men rescued on Sea. I don´t get and I will never get it and understand such ignorant and inhuman comments on our tweets or on Facebook.

How far away from reality are these people commenting with hate when humans´lives were saved? Is it their own fear that is reflected or the knowledge that they simply don´t know nothing and do not understand nothing in this world? Is it the selfishness of theses individuals protecting what? Is it their isolation in their small world, never being further than the last street sign of their city or village or country?

Most of the humans we rescue here on the Mediterranean – children women men – went through horrible times, some for years. Their stories are unbelievable, unimaginable and unbearable, often a result of failed politics or policies and economical interests of other countries.

They face in Libya, their dead end of a long painful fleeing: daily fear of death, regular torture, systematically and permanent rape, forced labour, random imprisonment, detention in closed camps, slavery, luck of drinkable water and food, no medical treatment, diseases, prostitution, killing…

“We prefer to die on Sea instead of continuing this daily horror in Libya” we hear again and again of these women and men after we have rescued them and they are safe on board the Aquarius.

There is our human responsibility that leads us to do what we are doing here as volunteers for SOS MEDITERRANEE on the Aquarius. There are Human Rights we stand for – right of life and dignity, right of protection, right of humanitarian assistance, right of free circulation… There is the Law of the Sea we defend – that everybody in danger on sea has to get assistance. And there is simply our heart and soul on the right place that forces us to do something as civilians to stop this dying of innocent people on their deadly way over the Mediterranean Sea.

This team on board of the Aquarius is fantastic, unique, mixed, professional, qualified and full of positive energy. They are coming from France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, Japan and often even from many other countries. It is a civil commitment to do something as currently the only civil humanitarian organisation running a rescue ship in front of Libya.

We reached our limits two nights before Christmas, we rescued 112 people during extremest weather conditions with waves up to 3 meters, we searched the whole night for three more missing boats and we lost. We did not find them. These people probably drowned. That made it the deadliest year with more than 5000 humans dead in 2016 on the Mediterranean Sea. That was our Christmas here somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea in front of Libya – a mix of emotions between happiness and sadness.

Back to these comments on Facebook or twitter when we post our latest news to tell you what is going on here. I do not answer these ugly, uneducated and respect-less comments as I do not want to waste my energy for discussing with ignorant isolated and inhuman individuals – I need my time and energy for more important things here and I will continue like this.


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  1. Reblogged this on Ruby Pratka – Year of No Fear and commented:
    Not everyone gets to spend a nice warm dry Christmas on land. The Aquarius and our colleagues Proactiva OpenArms are assisting the boat groups that have the misfortune to be sent out in this weather. Here’s René’s able response to those who think saving human lives is somehow controversial or even criminal. Also a shoutout to my wonderful Ghanaian sailor friends Ed Akyianu (holding baby) and Francis Mensah (in red work suit) who have, along with their captain and officers (not pictured) transitioned wonderfully from hauling cargo to hauling the most precious of cargo, human beings. Safe passage now.

    Please help the Aquarius if you can.

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