20 miles off Libya at 06:00 AM

Days start early here on Sea, the Mediterranean Sea in front of Libya. We are 20 miles off the coast, West of Tripoli. Around 6 o´clock in the morning the first Search and Rescue (SAR) Team member starts the first watch-shift. Watching means searching using binoculars. Not an easy task as the rescue vessel Aquarius […]

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ignorant isolated inhuman

It is difficult for me to understand comments on twitter or Facebook of some. Difficult to digest that some people react in an extremely nasty ugly and radical way on our tweets about 112 children women and men rescued on Sea. I don´t get and I will never get it and understand such ignorant and […]

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Mediterranean Sea. 70 nautical miles front of Libyan coast. It is X-MaSea here: 18:00 Dinner – 20:00 Sleep – 23:00 Arriving in rescue zone – Rest of the night on alert here on the Mediterranean Sea in front of Libya to be ready to rescue anyone in distress. Wish you all a relaxed christmas-evening.

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